Art Gallery & Show update Summer 2016

Big changes recently in my whole art career and I wanted to let everyone in on the latest!


Royal House Gallery at 813 Royal Street is my new home base for my artwork! I am excited to work with this gallery and can’t wait until our big show coming up August 13th during Dirty Linen Night!


Opening tomorrow night July 15th at The brand new Sanctuary Cultural Art Center! This is a very cool space where there will be ongoing programs that will interest performing and visual arts enthusiasts.


July 22nd I have an opening at Tooth & Nail Company’s space at the French Quarter location which will be up for the rest of the summer. The opening will also feature Bryce Landry who will be up at the Magazine street location


Bowie Painting roundup

Been meaning to post this for a while but the Mardi Gras excitement sort of caused me to space on it. This is a bit a collection of images from the “Pretty Things” Second Line for Bowie in New Orleans last month. In any case the painting I did and was carrying thru the parade got in media all over the world which was pretty cool. The painting is up at Tresor Gallery in the French Quarter.

bowie 2ndline