Painting of beautiful fashion model

It’s a rainy day down in New Orleans. Trying to get a little more done in the studio before hitting the road for a few days. Check it out, let me know what you think.



New Girl painting

newgirlkthayer copy

Trying to get some work done in the studio before I am away for a few days.This painting is painted on top of another painting that was kind of a nod to art deco stylistically so it has some spiral forms in the underpainting. I have been looking at more reference that has low-key lighting so that is showing in the new stuff I have been doing.

Art for Arts Sake live painting in the French Quarter

2014-10-04 15.24.16

I have been working on this little lady down at the gallery on Royal St. in the French Quarter. Think I am finally done tinkering with it. The weather is amazing today and a great day to work outside in the courtyard @ Lisa Victoria Gallery. The title of this painting is waking dream.