Robert Smith Pop Art Painting

I am going to start posting my small, inexpensive ($150-$100) paintings for sale on my Art for Sale page, starting with the lead singer of one of my favorite bands The Cure’s Robert Smith. Stay tuned for more small paintings from some of my favorite TV shows, Cartoons, Movie characters, etc., well as small Big eyed gal paintings, Dreamy Goddesses, and other stuff I normally paint. If you want commissions of particular subjects by me consult the Commission page! Enjoy!

robert smith.jpg


Dollface 2.0

Glad to have some dust clear prior to Fat Tuesday to get some work done on some new Dollface paintings. I will be exhibiting my Dollface work exclusively at Kawaii NOLA here in New Orleans as long as Kanako will have me. Let me know what you think about these and if you would like to see more? Like to see the most up to date social networking feed of mine featuring this kind of work? Be sure to follow my @dollfacegallery feed on instagram and while you’re at it follow @kawaiinola to find out more about the cutest place in New Orleans. Thanks! Happy mardi Gras!





Bowie Painting roundup

Been meaning to post this for a while but the Mardi Gras excitement sort of caused me to space on it. This is a bit a collection of images from the “Pretty Things” Second Line for Bowie in New Orleans last month. In any case the painting I did and was carrying thru the parade got in media all over the world which was pretty cool. The painting is up at Tresor Gallery in the French Quarter.

bowie 2ndline

Prints Available Now in Shop!

Four different print styles are available in the shop. I haven’t had prints available for a long while but i will have more available soon! Just click the menu above and the click the shop button. Thanks!


Let Them Eat KIng Cake painting


It’s Mardi Gras time! This is my little variation on Marie Antoinette¬†

and a little something she might have said during the French Revolution. I am

hijacking it and putting my spin on her and her words to celebrate Carnival season

and the famous treat that comes along with it, this time of year.