Support my art, Win a painting by me


I am excited to join the new site which is a site that enables folks to support visual and performing artists. I will have videos of current projects and many other exclusive things over there. My special incentive for folks who support me is a monthly drawing of an original painting as a grand prize with chimp shirts, prints and other items available as well. Your odds are never going to be better than they are by becoming a supporter from the get go. 5 bucks can score you your very own original artwork from me. The more people support, the bigger the painting gets! Details on the page

Advertisements rebooted! print promotion

flobig copy

finally have this site up and running as the

new! To celebrate I’m offering

a print of this work ,titled Flo, from my current

“Love Parade” show on display now during

NOLA Fashion Week. Click on the image or here

to go to my fine art america page to view the print